• 'Al haj Saeed Aeed', shipwrecked migrants' boat, 2017
  • 'King of the Sea', shipwrecked migrants' boat, 2017
  • 'God's Protection', shipwrecked migrants' boat, 2017
  • Work in progress, making rubbings from shipwrecked migrants' boat, 2017

The Countless project includes a series of 30 graphite rubbings from the graves of 30 unidentified migrants who died at sea whilst trying to reach Europe. In 2017 it was 30 years since the first recorded migrant shipwreck occured in Europe. Migrant's graves are marked with numbers rather than names as the majority of their bodies remain unidentified.   

Alongside the nameless grave rubbings are a series of rubbings from the names painted on the sides of shipwrecked migrant boats. The names refer to the owner of the boat or to religious phrases such as 'In God We Trust'. 


The project also includes found objects, photographs and film footage of the graves and boats, including a short film entitled Leave or Remain | Taraka aw Baqqa | ترک او البقا


The Countless project was first presented in a solo exhibition at Aspex gallery, Portsmouth from 04/2017- 06/2017 as the winner of the EMERGENCY Award 2016. 

Maya Ramsay published an article on the subject of art & migrant deaths at sea - Reframing the debate: The art of Lampedusa for 'Crossings: Journal of Migration and Culture' (2016).


The Countless project was funded by the Arts Council England.